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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What does TrailAir by Land Rover™ do?

Displays the tyre pressures and tyre temperatures for your trailer and tyre pressures for your vehicle also includes a camera to assist hitching to your trailer/s

2. Does it give warnings?

Yes, there is an audible and a visual warning when the pressures drop below an alarm level.

3. Why would I want to monitor my tyre pressures?

Early warning of a deflating tyre, prevention of blow-outs caused by under-pressure or overload.
The sensors are much more accurate than garage forecourt pressure guages and the system can be used when you pump up your tyres. This is also important as fuel consumption reduces dramatically due to incorrect tyre pressures.

4. What if the tyre pressures are different for my trailer and vehicle

The system allows different alarm levels to be set for the trailer and vehicle. Each trailer can have a different tyre pressure and therefore alarm level.

5. What if the tyre pressures are different for the front and back of my vehicle?

The system allows different alarm levels to be set for the front and rear wheels.

6. How are the alarm levels set?

When the vehicle or trailer are first used, a learn process is followed. The pressures at that time are taken as correct.

7. What if my friend also has this system fitted and drives near to me?

The sensors on your vehicle and trailer have a 32 bit ID (> 4 billion) and so only your vehicle/trailer is monitored.

8. What if I have 2 trailers?

The system can learn up to 164 trailer wheels, eg 41 twin axle trailers or 82 single axle trailers. The system includes 6 sensors, additional sensors can be purchased on line or through your Dealer.

9. Is the spare tyre monitored?

No, only the running wheels because the sensors operate only when rotating. However, if you fit a sensor to the spare, it will be automatically monitored if the wheel is fitted after a puncture.

10. What pressure range does it work to?

The system operates within a range of 0 to 99psi.

11. What is the tyre temperature display for?

This gives the expert user additional information about trailer loading. Increase in temperature can indicate other problems which cause the tyre to overheat such as a brake binding.

12. Do I have to have the display on all the time?

No, the system will monitor your tyres in the background. Selecting the logo (or doing nothing from ignition on) will blank the screen after a short delay. The screen will automatically be displayed on receipt of a warning

13. Why is the camera a “hitching camera”? Is this the same as a reversing camera.

The camera is optimised for hitching to a trailer and is mounted in an optimal position for the tow ball. When reversing you will be provided with a screen warning to “check surroundings for safety”.

14. I don’t want the camera, just the TPM?

The system is engineered as a package. However, it will work as a TPM only system if the camera is not fitted.

15. I don’t want the camera, just the Tyre Pressure Monitoring (TPM)

The system is engineered as a package. However, it will work as a TPM only system if the camera is not fitted.

16. I don’t want the Tyre Pressure monitoring(TPM), just the camera

The system is engineered as a package. However, it will work as a hitching camera only if the wheel units are not fitted.

17. Where do I get the system fitted?

We recommend that the system is fitted by an approved dealer from our website or a suitably qualified auto electrician. Incorrect installation of the system could invalidate your warranty.

18. Can I fit the system myself?

Because modern cars have complex electrical systems, we strongly recommend that it is fitted by an experienced auto electrician, preferably one who also fits towbars. Incorrect fitting of the system could invalidatethe warranty.

19. How do I fit the wheel units to the trailer?

Any professional tyre fitter can fit these sensors. We are currently working with trailer manufacturers to have the option for trailers to be pre-fit with TrailAir by Land Rover™ sensors – please consult your dealer when purchasing your trailer.

20. Is the system suitable for use with my trailer?

We have designed the system to work with the majority of trailers without inner tubes, If your trailer has tyre pressures greater than 80psi or uses clamp-in valves, then please contact us for advice on 0845 676 9774

21. Is the system suitable for use with my vehicle?

We have designed the system to work with leading towing vehicles as well as Land Rovers. The system is not compatible with vehicles with metal bumpers. For suitability for your vehicle please contact our technical team for assistance on 0845 676 9774.

22. What if I have features in my mirror already.

Such features will be lost when the TrailAir video mirror is installed. If in doubt ring our technical team on
0845 676 9774.

23. What type of mirror features may I already have that would change?

You may have a digital compass or high beam assist option on Range Rover. The system includes an electrochromic auto-dimming mirror therefore any auto dimming function would be replaced not lost.

24. Will the system work with run flats?

Heavy duty tyres and run flats attenuate the radio frequency signal more than normal tyres, however they usually work. There is an advanced option where you can monitor the signal strength of the sensors and check the reliability of the readings.

25. What if I have tyrons fitted?

26. How much does it cost to fit TrailAir by Land Rover™?

The system has a fitting time of 1 to 1.5 hours. Please consult your dealer for their rates. Dealers can either supply and fit the system as a package or fit only option should you prefer.

27. Does this include the valves?

No … The fitting time for the valves would be in addition however we have had the valves fitted by tyre specialists . You have the option to prefit the valves at a tyre specialist or request your dealer provide a fully installed price including valves. Most Land Rover dealers are able to do this

28. How long do the sensors last?

The sensors have an estimated life of 10 years or 100,000 miles

29. Will any sensor operate with the system?

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) cannot use other brands of TPMS sensors. Using other brands will cause failure and void warranty.

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