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Technical Details

Unique Land Rover developed technology

TrailAir by Land Rover’s exclusive technology, designed by Land Rover’s leading engineers, is available for all vehicles, not just for Land Rovers. The integrated system can be fitted into most leading vehicles to give you maximum safety when you’re towing your – caravan, trailer, horsebox or boat.

The original equipment designed (OE) system incorporates tyre sensors which are fitted to both vehicle and trailer along with a rear vehicle camera, this links to the smart interior mirror that displays the readings as you drive. When in reverse, the electrochromic mirror automatically displays the visual hitching guideline for direct to tow ball vehicle positioning.

How the System Works

The system is based around highly sensitive and accurate pressure sensors which fit into the wheel and allow measurement of the pressure and temperature directly without compromising the sealing of the tyre. Tyre pressure and trailer tyre temperature information is transmitted by radio frequency from sensors in the wheels to a receiver and displayed on the mirror display. The user can choose to monitor this information or a warning will be provided when an under-inflated or over-heated tyre is detected. The display will emit an audible warning to alert the driver. The tyre with the fault will be highlighted with the pressure value or temperature reading. Each tyre pressure sensor’s battery is also monitored. An alert will sound and be displayed if a sensor’s battery is found to be low. The hitch assist feature operates automatically once reverse gear is selected and remains displayed for 8 seconds following manoeuvre.

Technical Overview

Tyre pressure sensor

  • 10 year/100,000 miles sensor life (system doesn’t transmit when stationary thereby preserving battery life)
  • Snap-in mechanical design sensors – compatible with the widest range of wheel trims
  • Accommodates up to 50 trailers. Any combination of 2,4,6 wheel trailers up to a total of 164 wheels with automatic tyre positioning
  • Tyre pressure measurements
    • Initial readings displayed within 30 seconds of traveling.
    • Changes in temperature or pressure displayed within one second
  • System range from 0 to 99 psi
  • Pressure measurement accuracy 0.4psi
  • Tyre temperature reading accuracy 1°C
  • Carrier Center Frequency: 433.92MHz
  • Operational temperature -30°C to max 100°C
  • Passed electrical test according to GMW3172

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