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Designed in the UK by Land Rover’s leading engineers, this unique tyre monitor and hitching system provides safer towing, simpler hitching, maximising safety and minimising your accident risk.

Smart interior mirror monitoring system

TrailAir by Land Rover’s all-in-one system monitors your vehicle and trailer tyre pressures as well as trailer temperatures, whilst you drive. Readings are displayed continuously or on demand, at the touch of a button, in the “smart” interior mirror. If abnormal tyre temperatures or pressure is detected the system triggers an audible and visual alert alarm.

Sophisticated visual reversing aid for easy “one man” hitching – just hitch and go!

Hitching a trailer to your vehicle has never been safer or simpler. The systems’s in-built visual reversing aid guides your vehicle tow bar directly above the trailer tow ball for “right first time”, easy, “one-man, no strain” hitching.

Maximise safety, minimise risk – save on tyre wear

The fully fitted integral system helps you to avoid costly wear and tear on your tyres and significantly reduces your risk of a serious road accident whilst towing.

“According to a detailed study made by United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) in 2008, a 0.6 bar tyre under inflation can increase a car fuel consumption and thus its CO2 emissions by up to 6% and reduce tyre life by 40%. In addition tyre under inflation has significant adverse effects on vehicle stability and braking distance.”

The same report found:
“80% of UK drivers have incorrect pressure on at least one of their tyres. 70% to 89% of the drivers admit they don’t check their tyre pressure.”

TrailAir by Land Rover Benefits Checker

  • Available for most towing vehicles and trailers
  • Helps avoid costly and dangerous tyre blow-outs for your vehicle and trailer
  • Safe and convenient ‘single person’ hitching, reduces injury risk – just hitch and go!
  • Save money on fuel and tyre wear and tear – by maintaining correct tyre pressures
  • Fully integrated system linked through the interior mirror – no loose wires or dashboard attachments
  • Designed for multiple trailer use – ideal for trailer fleets, the system can monitor up to 164 trailer wheels of any combination of single, twin or triple axle trailers
  • All system components are sourced from OEM (Original Equipment manufacturers) and are fully validated.
  • TrailAir by Land Rover is UK designed*
    Patents pending, numbers GB1002120.2 and GB1002123.6